After 6 years spent contributing to the implementation of projects aimed at improving the management of lymphoedema worldwide (ILF, International - ALFP, USA - CLF, Canada - JLF, Japan - PFL, France - ....) Pierre Gonon founds Thonic Innovation : a value innovation company which aims at understanding the real needs and expectations of all stakeholders at all levels in the management of the veno-lymphatic pathology and to translate them in solutions that are:

  • simple,
  • innovative,
  • economically responsible,
  • eco-friendly and
  • that have a positive impact on the organisation and cost of care.

Our objetive is to develop innovative solutions on both clinical and physical evaluation segments as well as the treatment segment of veno-lymphatic pathology (Cf. Our projects)

In the long term, our ambition is to develop the tools for a more efficient global management of the veno-lymphatic pathology.

The creation of Thonic Innovation has been greatly eased by the dynamism and competences of the whole BUSI Incubator team to whom we would like to express many thanks.

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